Chris Martin – My Mother Is The Greatest Of All

As a man there is no woman that you respect more highly
Just like as Jamaicans there is no other woman like Mrs Lue
So fi me mommy there is no other woman like you
And to all the people dem who know seh dem love dem mother meck mi tell you how me feel

(Verse 1)

She is the leading girl in this man life
She is the reason I am who I am in life
No girl could ever take her place
So any boy put woman before dem mother is a big disgrace
Hmmmm dont even try to justify what you would a tell mi that yo mama dont come first
Cause if a never fi yo mother you would a never see the light
You would a never deh yah pon this earth
She brought me up to be strong
She is a great black woman yea
Mommy you are number one in my world


In my world
Yea my mother is my favorite girl
Yea from car a buy you fi get one first
My wife cyan drive an she a take bus
Yeh man, yeh man, my mother is the greatest of all

(Verse 2)

Are mother is mi respect highly
Mi no run nor take mother joke likely
So dont pass your place
No disrespect mi no play dem game
Mi never sing a song fi mi mother yet
Even tho mi take long mi no forget
All the love shi show from the day mi born
Mummy your number one

(Repeat Chorus 3X)