Vybz Kartel – Realize Refix Lyrics

Dinesty the system waan hijack wi
Dem waan get out ghetto youth
Dem no waan wi survive
But mi member what mi mama seh
Never stop try
Member what mi mama seh
The limit is the sky


Realize ghetto child
One day wi haffi make it
All you see dem a fight
The world is ours fi take it
Nuff time wi go a wi bed at night
Hungry and so frustrated
Dem waan mi fi give up the fight
But mi member wah mi mama seh

(Verse 1)

Da world yah no level, rich people happy while the poor miserable
But you fi know ehich part you a choose one road fi Jehovah, one road fi the Devil
Mi father work 24-7
Fi pay off the mortgage it could a dont fast
But the pastor a take mi granny money and tell are no worry bout work him a bring are go heaven
Don’t believe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Achieve success
As a ghetto youth you fi aim fi the best
Society no like youth wah a teach
Ghetto youth fi be wise dem wi put you to rest
Dem done Martin Luta, dem done Malcolm X
The port cyan fit fi wise up the us
So black liberation is a slow process
But Selassie philosophy mi a progress

(Repeat Chorus)