Aidonia – Anyweh At all Lyrics

A it mi deh yah a pree out star but
Yow true Jah know dog
Kinda hose but di hose a go meck it work hi no Stephen
Mi a go just DJ through di bomboclooth hose hi no dog
Dem fi know seh a bad people something
Hear hombre, no give a fu*k hi no
Watch yah


Anyweh at all mi a clap it pon dem
Mama hammer kick like Jackie Chan dem
Bad man no run from di rativan dem
Boom down yo yard wid di bottle bom dem
One in a yo face, shot in a yo head dead
One in a yo face, shot in a yo head dead
Like down in a yo coffin like dead
Rifle rise an a beat bwoy dead to bomboclooth

(Verse 1)

Yow badman no war wid chat
Man a burst yo head when di tall thing clap
It mi cloth, it mi cloth, it mi naw miss that
Bullet in a face head back shot out bwoy forehead crock
Rifle lift up from market box
Step shell down yo place den mi walk it back
When bwoy get gunshot a fort him crack
Buss di 40 colliba glock 40 shot

Tell dem man head haunted hot
When bwoy meck chat wi no laugh wid that
Rifle buss out face yuh get a ratid chap
Mack 90 clip fava plantin crack
Rifle buus rass impact
Dash coin in a head like a offeren pot
All string pop head buss off
Cause donia no ramp fi pop off him strop

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Mi no waste shot from di lama
Mi no meck step an go shoot up corner
Wait til mi catch yuh half guard buss one in a yo face
When yuh a buy yo food down a Narma
So bwoy dead fro yo hear di dog a howl
Mack 90 plus di evi lawn up lode
When man a step duppy meck
Bwoy cyan get weh is like when 2 Mangoos corner fowl
Some pu**y hole knoe man a murderer
If a chatting yuh deh pon bwoy no bother
One in a yo face mi buss go s*ck yo mother
Skeleton rifle maga like suffera
Mack 90 Hablo fire
Bun bwoy body wid gas no tire
And di whole a my gin dem loud out a road
And mi friend size 10 a di supplier

(Repeat Chorus 2X)