Blak Ryno – 100 Degree Lyrics

A next mad summer again hi no
Yow Teethimus wa yuh a deal wid
Get happy a summer time
Summer a fi we lets party

{Verse 1}

Hey the summer juck up the whole place lock down
Hey the whole place lock down
ATI yow TI, hammer Fridays french book
Every gyal a ram stack now
Hey every gang a reach
Every bike every car tire squelch
Gyal nougher than every sand a beach
Plus money in a mi pocket so a Henny man a beat
Gas up the streets


When wi a party oh ohh
It hot 100 degrees, the Appleton a charge me, gyal dash weh
We a party, we a party
We a party, we a dash
Gyal a dash weh in a di dance
Big tune a pull up in a di dance
Everybody, everybody party
We a flass wo how

{Verse 2}

Money pull up tune a pull up
Bartender a pure liquor in a mi cup
Gyal a touch mi like shi waan give it up
Are body bounce mi like shi waan spirit it up
Dah party a yah bad an wi a gwaan kiock it up
It loud till it buck all di roof a lift up
Police walk in but dem naw dig it up
Caw dah party yah full an dem cyan stick it up

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}