Katt Williams Explain Why He Pimp Slap Target Employee [VIDEO]

Embattled comedian Katt Williams has stepped forward to explain why he assaulted a Target employee last month in California.

According to Williams, the Target employee isn’t all that innocent as he is made out to be.

“Let me tell you what the dude at Target said,” Katt Williams told an audience at a comedy show in Hollywood last week. “This is what the dude at Target said. ‘Your assistant is already suing you, ol’ p—y a– n—-r. I said, ‘Did you just say the N-word in front of Katt Williams?.’ He said, ‘You say it all the time.’ I said, ‘Say it again and see what happens.’ End of story. If you white and you call me a n****r, I’m gonna punch you in your motherf*cking face too. That’s the same sh*t that drove Dave Chappelle out the f*cking business.”

Katt Williams was arrested over the incident and could be facing jail time.

Katt is also facing a lawsuit from a former female assistant who alleged that the comedian assaulted her in October at his home.