Busy Signal – Badness Days Done Lyrics







Dem a hype mi no have time fi dem
A flip up till mi dogs ask wa happen to dem
Since dem naw hear
Tell dem tough chat no get wi scared


Missa sah a no everybody badness fit
Some man a pose wid machine that’s it
You no si dem find da doffy in a pit
Badness out a style you cyan tump mi paw mi lip
Missa sah a no everybody badnes fit
Bout you go mash works machine stick
Though up yo face better you stop chat
Because di way di thing set a road no body no even a watch that

{Verse 1}

Bag a lip service talking days done
No bwoy cyan chat though meck mi play dumb
Dem haffi move faster than Blake a stadium
Things load when mi step a road
Listen this breathless
Run him down breathless
Mi no take check dem cyan send threat nor puff chest
Mi lock mi own a turf mi no left di henz reckless
Petty thief a road cyan grab mi woman necklace

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

So likkle just come wa day dem fi rate man
Ugly up dem face an a try fi intimidate man
Dem an dem follow backa bout 38 man
Cyan dis Salem, St. Ann or Braton
Some bwoy hate wi true dem si di thing rising up
Have it in a waste if dem try sizing up
Money man a pree wi keep it piling up
No time fi enemy a Jah Jah guiding us

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1 2X}