Kiprich – Fear No Evil Lyrics







Evil head
Yow…Yea tho I walk through the Vally of the shadow of death
Wah happen to dem man
A tell dem a don’t fear no talk
No scull
Spanish Town, Water House
Pain Land man dem no fear man
Grand Spen, Rema, front page a Gleaner
Laugh and kill dem huhuhu


Mi bumboclooth bad mi head mad an daring
Mi a warn unu unu not hearing
When mi rifle a clap a no mouth mi a clap
Lick off di snap back wa yuh wearing
Yuh waan take up a coin wa mi saving
Draw mi out no mi not behaving
War ship a sail an a mi have di staring
Mi connect yuh faster than a Bluetooth pairing

{Verse 1}

When mi a step GPS cyan track it
Magazine long extras in a mi pocket
If yuh a make evil talk make sure yuh cyan back it
Right now mi heart colder than di Antarctic
Wa yuh know bout crime when man a wig it an a frock it
Stand up in front di jeep an a knock it an a knock it
Braver than a man wa a coke an a crock it
MI research war topic a no act it mi a act it

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

One a di sickest in a di cranium
Nobody cyan tame mi done
Stand up now when di crane a come
Blood hound pon di main a run
Him blind like di train a run
Taste drop him like rain a ground
Suck your family when a me stop face yo judgement
From mi likkle bit mi a fire paper gun
And still memba di hot spot weh di reaper bun
A that’s why mi stay so me suicidal
Strop mi self fi bring a sky scraper

{Repeat Chorus}

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