Cecile – Upgrade Lyrics







To mi man dem
No put yo self in a no gyal problem
Over no girl you don’t need to be waring
It naw work baby just move on then
Yeh, yea, yea, yeh

Too much gyal deh a road
As one gone so many come wooy
Hot gyal no short hi know

{Verse 1}

Look how mi likkle and mi neat
Like a likkle Jackie, mi know you want di key to mi likkle padlock
That’s general degree who block di most traffic
Meck him haffi sing a big song bout that
Fire, fire, fire, call di fire truck
Yo dam mood lame fi yuh waan mi hot it up
No need to stay if you ain’t getting enough
When you have girl problem just play though


If you girl naw treat you right
Bwoy come check mi meck mi hold you tight
If shi drop off a di shake you light
Naw treat you good dem no exit sign
Time fi upgrade
You leave a girl to di crabbit shi a play
Yea baby

{Verse 2}

You no waan go no jail fi no girl while so much girl deh a road
Prettier than money look good in a wi clothe
Come over yah so meck mi show you how it go
Ten girl to one man that a di ratio
Fi get bout da girl deh
No stress out it no worth it
No meck him mad you get a new girl wa deserve it
A so it go next in line live an learn it
A know that you hurting boy

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}