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Bounty Killer Says Clashing Tommy Lee Is Like “Giant To An Ant” [VIDEO]

Bounty Killer says clashing Tommy Lee at Sting is unfair.

Speaking with Entertainment Report yesterday, Killer says comparing himself to the “Uncle Demon” deejay is like comparing a ‘giant to an ant.’

“Tommy Lee and Bounty Killer that’s unbalance, that’s unfair,” Bounty Killer said. “That’s just not going to happen because it’s unrealistic… Bounty to Tommy Lee how you describe that? That’s like comparing a giant to an ant. You comparing 20 years with 20 months, and he is not even here for 20 month it’s more like 20 weeks.”

Bounty Killer continues to warn Tommy Lee to let go the demon lyrics and do more good.

Watch the interview below.

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  1. First thing, it’s rather unfortunate that people are putting up Tommy Lee against the Killer. In my opinion that’s a no contest, but If Tommy Lee decide to do that he’ll have to expand his Catalogue rather than those mediocre set of tunes he call hits. I repeat that’s a no contest, I respect the attitude Killer has demonstrated in regards to this up coming artiste by avoiding this fiasco. Killer is an icon in the industry & one of the greatest ever in reggae/dancehall. In regard to Killer extending some advice & caution to this youngster about expressing those demonic lyrics must realize he’s partially to be blame from the days of copper shot & no have no heart lyrics. This is just an evolution in the lyrical content to show that he’s tougher than the toughest lyrically, even if it’s not so. Killer came about as a bad man DJ spitting lyrics that Super Cat and Ninja man have never utter, then come Kartel, Movado & Aidonia that makes Killer a choir boy. Everything will evolve & probably the next generation of artiste will go beyond Tommy Lee & others. I personally don’t view them as negative, I see them as being creative base on what is happening on the grounds, trenches, gullies, gaza, or any descriptions of a Inner City Community.We’ll see an evolution of all the music format & with a few held as cla$$ic. base on the lyrical content, delivery & the swag to match. Tommy Lee have the swag but the rest are not there as yet.