Dancehall Duo RDX Releases Testimonial “Shining Star”

Despite what industry critics, those who aren’t fans and the politics that exist within the Dancehall Industry, Dynamic Duo RDX haven’t been daunted by the negativity or distractions. Instead it has only fueled the creativity and drive of the Shining Star that the group have become and will remain.

Both Delomar & Renigade who are of humble beginnings, have always been resolute as they pursue and maintain a successful career. RDX conveyed that while they are proud Jamaicans, they are faced with a society which is plagued with corruption, bureaucratic red tapes and a general notion that those who are of a lower economical background won’t be able to achieve. Whilst they continuously encourages their peers or youths in the “Ghetto” to see the burning flame of potential that exist within them and to just embrace it and be more than what society expects you to be.

A school of thought which states “We are injured and hurt emotionally, not so much by other people or what they say and don’t say, but by our own attitude and our own response.” – Maxwell Maltz, has been centered at their (RDX) hearts.

Renigade states “this story is the story of our lives… two ghetto youth who are self-made… from nothng to something… but isn’t respected in many circles… it’s a testimonial of ours but also those of many others…”

Delomar adds ” its all about being ambitious be independent.. you don’t have to be driving a fancy car or have bag a money… the fact you have ambition.. you youths dem is provided for and you work hard to achieve.. that to me is a shining star… I AM A SHINING STAR….”

RDX continues to enjoy successes from hit singles & videos released this year. The Single “Shining Star” is distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos and is available on Itunes.