Konshens – Real Don Lyrics


A mi real don hi no
Real link
Yow sometime some youth get the opportunity fi meck it in a life
And when dem meck it dem fi get di real people from day one
But yuh a mi real don
Yuh never fi get yow

{Verse 1}

From one hustler to another
Yah mi love how yo meck it an yo never turn yo back pon yo mother
Take care a yo family fix up yo sister and yo brother
Teach di likkle youth dem seh fi meck it yuh no haffi be a shotter
Yo si you yuh a mi don


Dog yo help who yo could a help
Send fi who yuh could a send fa
Nuff people yuh meck have a work
Nuff youth yuh meck get visa
Jah know wi glad yuh meck it in a life
As a real youth off a wi corner
Wi know seh yo cyan bring di world paw yo back
But know seh di link have yo head back lock

And am so proud of you mi brother
Member di days wi a tear di streets together
Yea from nothing to something
From nothing to something
From nothing to something
From nothing to something

{Verse 2}

Hey nuff man rich and turn switcher
Some a did switcher from long time
A true dem never have nothing
Meck dem gwaan like seh dem a did good youth one time
But you never forget the realest
All when dem no deh beside yuh
And more time it hard fi find yuh
But wi know seh everything good once wi find yuh

{Repeat Chorus 2X}