Beenie Man ft. Aiasha – The One Lyrics

{Verse 1}

MI want yo fi talk no man
Seh something no man
One stop tie gyal no si a gyal a tie man
Wa man this unu fi overstand
Me is a man shortage woman nuffer than man
Number tow no mi no play second
Always number one pon yo play station
Me is a bwoy wa have alot a gyal in a mi program
But a yuh special mi lady mom


Yoooooooooou alone for me
Yuh gimmi all a want a need
Yuh di one a love to love
Even when yuh far away
With yuh ma heart will always stay
I give yuh all yuh want yuh need
Yuh di one a love to love

{Verse 2}

But hey shi no matter who yuh are
A civil servant or a super star
Shi want a man wa fi care fi are
At di dinner table pull out di chair
Valentine an birthday yuh be there fi are
But last week sunday mi nay si are
Mi an a gyal a woll a drink round a sandy bar
Turn round an si are an mi swear a war

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Me is a bwoy wa have gyal come from eastonbun
Gyal come check mi wid dem blouse button pull
Like a restaurant when mi serve gyal belly full
Gyal a seh in a bed mi is a raging bull
My gyal alone meck my eye full
Everywhere mi go mi gyal a all an pull
But mi cyan left are caw mi no ungrateful
After mi no danny awful

{Repeat Chorus}