DeMarco – Duppy Haffi Mek Lyrics


Who gas dem up
Dem a no petcom or IGL
When mi buss mi Askel
Left dem like dead Dog a road swell


Too much waste man in a di world
So duppy haffi meck
Role wid di Dog Dem a no puppy when wi step
Rifle select life
As it take off watch di pu**y have it up in a him
Too much waste man in a di world so mi done talk
Anymore talk mi talk a gun talk
Meck it jump off in a face bullet park
Pu**y hole mi tell yo seh mi done talk

{Verse 1}

Half doesen di pu**y get no get dem from di Hussy yet
A destiny no body cyan stop di bine dem wah yuh fi get
Mama love yuh to death
Face splash out paw mama likkle dress
End up a ward 21 like shi a socumet
Rifle shot dem wid di telescope
Batty boy dem go a hell an pick up many soap
So there is not any hope
Hong dem bwoy deh wid many rope
We lock di place so we nah go si no jail or any court

{Repeat Chorus}

{{Verse 2}

Burn up finger yeh a wah a bwoy think
Mi head hotter than when sun burn zink
Well connected me the shotter dem run come link
Dodo pass di mack 90 meck wi done some chink
Meck dem run up in a mi gun an in a ground come sink
Couple drop a ground mother ball some run sprint
Yeh di Dog dem straight even when di rum done drink
The pu**y never know a so di young gun stink

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}

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