Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban Kicks Off “American Idol” Audition [Video]

Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and returning judge Randy Jackson came together at the American Idol judges table for the first time in the new season.

The judges kicked off the first round of audition in New York City last weekend.

“What I think I wanna be is honest and someone that the contestants can look to for guidance,” said Mariah.

Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Drake Honored At BMI Urban Awards

The music icon is reportedly banking $18 million for one season on the show, while Nicki Minaj is reportedly banking $12 million.

Randy Jackson says Nicki Minaj will bring a whole new vibe to the show.

“I’m happy that Nicki’s here. She brings a whole ‘nother cool vibe that we’ve never had on the show,” Jackson told the AP.