Bounty Killer Plans To Hammer Tommy Lee In New Song

Earlier this week Bounty Killer released a harsh statement condemning Tommy Lee for his demonic lyrics.

Now sources inside Alliance Next Generation ANG camp exclusively told Urban Islandz that the dancehall icon is busy in the studio working on a new single about the issue.

DETAILS: Bounty Killer Goes In On Tommy Lee Over Demonic Lyrics

“Killer is very serious about this issue and what it is portraying in dancehall,” the source said. “The new track will deal with the issue head on and we won’t hold back. We have no problem with Tommy Lee or anybody else as an artist, it’s just certain lyrics we see poisoning dancehall.”

Bounty Killer is notorious for being outspoken about his stance on various issues affecting dancehall. Earlier this year the dancehall icon blast fellow dancehall star and longtime nemesis Beenie Man for apologizing to the gay community for homophobic lyrics in dancehall.

Killer also backed up his stance with a new track

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