Rihanna Told Oprah: “People Thought I Was Stuck Up” [Video]

Rihanna is known for her witty tongue and raunchy behavior both on stage and on Twitter, but there is another side to her fans rarely get to know.

During her candid interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Rihanna revealed a more delicate and softer side to her that fans often don’t get a chance to meet.

According to the “Where Have You Been” singer, one of the biggest misconceptions about her is her polite personality.

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“[I] was misperceived in the beginning of my career as stuck up… rude,” Rihanna told Oprah. “I was called a b-+ch. And it filtered all the way through the radio stations… and back to my label, back to Jay… and everybody that I didn’t want to disappoint. And it hurt…”

“I was just being polite,” Rihanna added. “You mean well, [but] it can come across a different way in a different culture.”

Peep footage from that segment of the interview below.