Nicki Minaj Says Foxy Brown “Changed My Life” [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj admiration for Foxy Brown goes deeper than hip hop. Last week the Young Money diva called out the Boogy at her Pepsi-sponsored free concert in New York City.

Minaj also surprised her fans with a slew of other guest features including her boss Lil Wayne, labelmate Drake and Collaborator Cam’ron. “No other female rapper influences me more than this woman,” Nicki Minaj said on stage.

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During an interview with MTV News backstage, Minaj also opens up about her admiration for one of hip hop’s most prolific female rappers of all time.

“I never really told Foxy how much she has influenced me and how much she changed my life,” Nicki Minaj said. “You gotta tell people that when they’re alive to even be able to take the compliment, instead of paying tribute to them when they’re no longer here.”

Both rappers are from a Trinidad background and both are from New York. With their friendship blossoming you can most definitely look out for a collaboration in the future.

“I never really knew how she felt about me — in the industry, with women, you kinda just tread lightly — and I’m glad I was able to finally come out and say: ‘You were the most influential female rapper to me,’ “ Nicki Minaj said. “When I found out that Foxy Brown was Trinidad that did something to me. In my mind I felt like I could be proud of where I’m from.”

Watch video from the interview below.