Reggae Singer Lady Lex Links With Donsome Records

West London based reggae singer Lady Lex is the latest addition to the roster of acts under the Donsome Records label. The talented singer, who has been heavily influenced by music from an early age, says she grew up listening to all different genres of music from Jazz, to Blues, Reggae, Country and rhythm and blues.

“My vocals are a fusion of all different genres. I am a versatile singer and songwriter – so whatever style of reggae I hear, whether it be ska, rock steady, or roots and culture, provided I am feeling the track, I love to write to it. I feel that I am bringing an honest sound that everyone can listen to on any occasion, whether it be a on the radio or at a dance or wedding”, Lady Lex explained in a release to the media.

Though she has been doing music professionally for a bit, the singer notes that her musical journey has been an interesting one.

“My musical journey has been nothing less than interesting, but a good old rough road sure separates the wheat from the chaff. I have been bitten by a couple of sharks but lived to tell the tale. I have been close to throwing in the towel before now as this industry can break your heart, but I have learned that the race is not for the swift but for those who can endure it. I’m pleased to say that now that I have broken through the testing times, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I have been shown so much love by people who enjoy my music, which is really what encourages me to continue as I know how important music was to me throughout the years”.

The singer recently signed with the reggae outfit Donsome Records. A move she notes will help her gain there cognition that she has craved for outside of Britain.

“Donsome first approached me to voice on a rhythm track that he produced called the Amore rhythm. I loved it and wrote a song for it as soon as I got home from Jamaica. I sent this off to him and he and his team loved it, so the work started there. After many subsequent discussions with him about where I was heading in my career and what I wanted to achieve, we decided that it would be a great idea if Donsome Records took over managing my career. I didn’t have to think twice about this as I know that Donsome is a man that gets things done. If he says something is going to happen – it happens. This is the person I want by my side as my manager. Someone who has his musical finger on the pulse and wants the best for not only me but for his label and management team”, Lady Lex explained.

Lady Lex has been recognized for her work and contribution to the British reggae industry over the years.

“I have been voted as one of the top 5 female reggae singers in the British Reggae Industry Awards2012. I have also enjoyed chart success with most of my singles not just here in the UK but also in places like Japan. I was also voted Artiste of the Month on more than one occasion on Conscious FM in the UK”, she explained.

The singer points out that even though she isn’t a Jamaican, her connection to the land of reggae music is a spiritual one.

“Aside from my family, Jamaica is home to everything I have most treasured throughout my life, the people, the food, the heart and the music”, said Lady Lex.

She pointed out that the highlight of her career was when she was told that one of her songs was being played on radio stations in Jamaica.

“A friend of mine came back from Jamaica a couple years ago and said she heard my original composition Love Doctor on the radio. I was so happy to know that it was being played in Jamaica”.

Some of her hits on the reggae scene in Britain and Europe include My Conversation (a cover of the Slim Smith recording on the Hold On rhythm); Love Doctor (featured on the Can’t Stand the Rain rhythm); a cover of Alton Ellis’ Breaking Up is Hard to Do; and Is This Love on the Real Cool rhythm.

Lady Lex has worked with a number of reggae labels in Britain over the years. These include Peckings Records, Cousins Records, producers Mafia and Fluxy, World Sounds Records and producer Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor.

Lady Lex is presently in the studios working on her debut album for Donsome Records.

“I have complete confidence in this album which is being produced by the musical genius – Adrian “Donsome” Hanson and his “mad scientist” co-producer Peter Shady Harrison. Last week I dropped one of the tracks from the forthcoming album in a club in London and it received an amazing response”, she revealed.

Born Karen Denise Moon, she is the second cousin to former The Who musician Keith Moon, who died in the 1970’s.