Chuck Fenda Denies Dating Cherine Anderson

Veteran reggae singer Chuck Fenda has denied allegations that he and singer Cherine Anderson are dating.

The singers released a collaboration “Coming Over Tonight” in 2006, that spend weeks on the charts. They released another collaboration last year titled “Call On Me.” Since then there has been rumors that they are romantically involved.

According to Fenda, his relationship with Cherine is strictly musical.

“Me and Cherine just have a musical chemistry. Call On Me is a powerful song, we always come out with a hit and people embrace and feel it,” Chuck Fenda said.

“It’s strictly musical, mi love har as a good singer and we do good music. All over the world people ask me if we are together and if mi seh no dem nuh believe, so sometimes mi not even pay dem nuh mind,” he added.

There are also rumors that Cherine maybe pregnant for the reggae star.

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