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More Details In Busy Signal’s Arrest Emerge

Busy Signal is undeniably one of the most consistent dancehall artists of the last decade, delivering hits year after year, including “Nah Go A Jail,” “Whine Pon Di Edge,” “Step Out,” and “One More Night.” Sadly, we could see the end of a career so promising.

Signal, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, was arrested at the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston on Monday (May 21) after stepping off a flight from London. According to reports, Busy Signal was arrested for an old narcotics case in the United States, dated back 10 years ago, and suspicion of traveling under false documents.

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As more details of his arrest emerged, Urban Islandz learns that the West Kingston deejay was under United States law enforcement official’s surveillance for quite some time. An inside source in the police force told Urban Islandz reps in Jamaica that US Agents and Jamaican police officials were collaborating on a case against the deejay.

“He has been on the radar for quite some time,” the source said. “We cannot divulge too much information right now, but he is due in court on Thursday,” the source added.

At the time of his arrest, Busy Signal was carrying a passport under the name Reanno Devon Gordon. He was reportedly held in London on Friday (May 18) on suspicion that he was traveling with false documents.

Sources told Urban Islandz reps that the deejay was on a tour in Europe when he learned about the extradition warrant.

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In late last year Urban Islandz published a story that the Jamaican government was in possession of an extradition request for a high profile entertainer. That entertainer turns out to be Busy Signal.

The extradition request alleges that Busy Signal is a fugitive on the run since 2002. The deejay, who was a resident alien in the U.S., was facing trial in Minnesota on narcotics charges, but flee to Jamaica before the trial commence.

It is believe that the deejay removed an ankle bracelet tracking device before fleeing the country and never return.

Urban Islandz source told us that Busy Signal is likely to face additional charges if he is extradite to the U.S. A fate that is almost certain, given the reputation of U.S. officials.

Busy Signal is scheduled to appear in the Half-Way-Tree Resident Magistrate’s Court on Thursday (May24).


  1. Big brother is always watching.

  2. yea meh na lik tha t like them wah lockup all deh black artist in deh south america buju kartel deh world boss, now busy who is next?

  3. Catherine Kahugu

    Busy Signal I will always be your fan. I wish u all the best. u r a winner no matter wat. this is juz a pa$$ing cloud it will be over.

  4. If you guys listen nah go ah jail again you will hear busy mentioning cutting off de …….. And fleeing .I feel somebody from snitch pon busy figure it out de writing on de wall . Bless

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    free up de Dj & free up de herbs it open I & I third eye & calm de nerves.. Arrest de war monger dem who mek weapon then go blow up de the earth & perfectly good buldings & established towns & kill innocent people and ruin the other people life…. Woe unto dem & those who fight against what is heartically right and promote and do wrong to humanity & mother earth.
    RasTafarI stands alone inna disya iration… Jah guide & protect I & I against the wicked & corrupt.

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