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Mavado Files Lawsuits Amidst Rumors

Dancehall star Mavado has responded to recent rumors with a lawsuit.

Earlier this week, Canadian base L3 Magazine reported that Mavado was denied a Canadian work permit and was subsequently dropped from an upcoming show. The magazine also alleges that the “So Special” deejay was dropped from his label YMCMB, and that an international arrest warrant was out for Mavado due to the deejay allegedly assaulting a police officer.

Rumor: Mavado Dropped From YMCMB Label

Mavado’s team release has since release a statement via BBM confirming the defamation lawsuit.

WE THE BEST Recording Artist Mavado has filed several defamation, libel an loss of earnings suits claiming damages in the millions against co-defendants Ron Nelson and Natasha Von Castle in Toronto Civil Court in response to vicious lies disseminated via Blackberry Broadcast and Blog posts by Nelson and Von Castle this week. We The Best CEO DJ Khaled is currently drawing up similar papers, alongside Slim and Baby of YMCMB. The two co-defendants Nelson and Von Castle are currently being sought out so that papers can be served on them.

L3 Magazine’s head Natasha Von Castle has since retracted the information and issued an apology to Mavado and his label.

“I have since been in contact with Mavado through his Canadian Agent Rahim,” she wrote via a blog post. “My information that Mavado will not be performing in Toronto on May 25th is true, however, Mavado has not been dropped by his label Young Money Records, and, there is no arrest warrant for the artists’ arrest. That information from Ron Nelson was incorrect.”

“I personally apologize to Mavado, DJ Khaled, Baby and the Cash Money Records label for the mis-information expressed by me and L3Magazine, and,” she added.