Raine Seville Advocating For Abused Jamaican Children

Reggae/dancehall songstress Raine Seville is using her celebrity status to help Jamaica children.

Seville, who is enjoying huge success in her career, lend her voice Help Ja Children charity, the organization that lead a march earlier this week in Kingston in support of abused children.

The Help JA Children was founded after an article was published in the media, giving Jamaicans a chilling reminder of the dire circumstances that many Jamaican children face. The article revealed that children as young as four have been treated in heinous cases of all types of abuse.

Raine Seville is also one of several dancehall stars on a theme song for the organization titled “Play Your Part.”

“Play Your Part features 11 artistes and is produced by Payday Music, with co-production by Nigel Staff,” Seville said. “I came up with the concept of getting the artistes together on one track to sing about issues we face in our society and the need to play our part and work together. With the help of Craig Jackson from Voicemail and Chevaughn the chorus was composed and recorded then we approached the other artistes who saw the vision and agreed to be a part of it. After hearing about the Help Ja Children campaign/march I approached Brandon Allwood with the song telling him I believe it is fitting for the movement he listened to it loved it and made it the theme song of the Help Ja Children movement.”

Raine Seville will co-direct a video for the theme song set to be release in May.