Nicki Minaj Inks Global Marketing Deal With Pepsi

Pepsi is looking to reclaim market share in the cola business with a worldwide marketing campaign with Nicki Minaj and a new tagline “Live for Now.”

The Young Money rapper will star in a new TV ad and provide the soundtrack with her 2010 smash hit single “Moment For Life.”

The deal will see Nicki Minaj as a global ambassador for Pepsi.

PepsiCo chief marketing officer of global consumer engagement, Frank Cooper, told Billboard that Nicki Minaj is a champion.

“Nicki has momentum. She’s a maverick,” Cooper said. “She represents the kind of artist who’s in the moment, making things happen on her own terms.”

The soda company also announced that it is partnering with Twitter to provide streaming videos of live music concerts to Pepsi’s followers on the social networking site.

The campaign kicks off on May 7.