Navino Exit J.O.P. Camp “Mi Still Respect Aidonia”

Upcoming dancehall deejay Navino is no longer flying the Aidonia-led Jag One Productions (J.O.P.) flag. Although the deejay states that there is no bad vibes between himself and Aidonia, he recently release a song called “Who God Bless” that tells of trouble within the camp.

“At the end of the day mi nah bash Aidonia,” Navino said. “Mi still respect him but mi a deal wid business now. Anuh food fi di poor thing now.”

Mi deh inna a crew weh nuh man nuh sign. Mi a guh a show an nuh know wah mi a get. Mi stand up and question it sometime and Aidonia a seh things ago happen…but when?” Navino question.

Mi still live wid mi people dem and when bills time come and mamma ask if mi can put a little ting to it, mi nuh have nuh money. She a seh a better mi guh look a work. Dem things deh break mi heart. A nuff time mi come from show and see mi light cut off and mi mother a cook pon coal stove. Things need fi change,” he added.

Navino’s manager, Patrick ‘Roach’ Samuels, says Aidonia was the one who approached him last month to help boost the deejay’s career. According to Roach, Navino made the right decision to leave the group.

“Which artiste around Aidonia buss since Aidonia buss? The youth (Navino) leave him with respect. Him have him son fi feed and take care of, Aidonia nuh have fowl fi throw corn gi,” he said.