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DeMarco: “A Popcaan Mi Diss”

DeMarco and Popcaan has been taking subliminal diss at each other in songs over the last couple of weeks, but one of the two dancehall stars is brave enough to come out and confirm a diss record.

DeMarco, who claims Popcaan copy his style, said his latest smash hit record “Kingston City” is in fact a diss aimed at the “Fry Yiy” deejay.

“People a sey a Popcaan mi a dis, well a Popcaan mi dis, whol’ heap a dem tief mi style including him,” DeMarco said.

“It was a freestyle I did for ZJ Chrome and my mixtape, the world like it suh dem sey is a dis to Popcaan, so I guess it is so, I guess it’s a dis to Popcaan,” DeMarco added.

Popcaan release a new track last week called “Fry Yiy,” rumored to be a diss track aimed at DeMarco, but the “I Love My Life” deejay says he is not phased.

“Him a sey artiste fi write some hit song and stop cry, but him nuh mek no song big like I Love My Life, I got 25 million views on YouTube and I have been all over the world,” DeMarco said.

Listen to DeMarco “Kingston City” below.

Listen to Popcaan “Fry Yiy” below

Who you think winning the war?


  1. poppi u can dis d marco…marco bad whola worl no dat so likkle gaza yut cnt!

  2. Shanniqua DawgyFresh Hussler

    Cheeps dem yute need ta shut dem mout….wam dat bodes diss ting see you bring u nowheh…but if a boy copyy yur style jus laugh and shut yuh mout…wam yu jealous him risin to the topp? Big up yu Poppie…da world luvs yu.

  3. gaza mohammed{akeela}

    popcaan and demarco going dissing out y them cant diss kartel cuz kartel is d world boss na real kounta’s 2 nah boi wrd

  4. Am a terrorist

  5. Demarco ah di man! party shot a real theft frm ermacos ’nuff gal’ of the overproof………. unless u 2 blind 2 c..popy is fake! watch this pace, him a go teach the badda fi mek music……..nah tek anadas style.

  6. lol popcaan bette prepare feh battle!

  7. Noel Jephius Teacha

    gone a di days for demarco mi say popcaan gaza fo ever.

  8. Okimo Notnice Facey


  9. Popcaan tief di man style Yooowwww.

  10. Washington Markus Banda

    War fi brew btwn di 2 ah dem.Ah mi seh Popkull fi tump ova Dermaco cah di bwoy deh go harder dan di whole ah dem.

  11. demarco with kill popcaan any time!

  12. Dennis ObaFemi Georgestone

    armacrco al de wayl.