Bobby Brown Explain Why He Left Whitney Houston Funeral

R&B singer-songwriter Bobby Brown has issued a statement explaining his angry exit from Whitney Houston’s televised funeral on Saturday (Feb 18).

Brown was rumored to not be attending the funeral due to Houston’s mom not sending him an invitation. However, she had a change of heart at the final moments.

Brown’s appearance at the funeral itself was the subject of plenty controversy, with many blaming him for Houston’s downward to drug abuse and addiction.

In a statement release to the media, Brown said it was a row over seating which saw him stormed out of the service alongside his entourage, before returning alone some-time later.

“My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no-one else to move. Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi Kristina.”

“In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed, as I refused to create a scene. My children are completely distraught over the events. This was a day to honour Whitney. I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur. I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how.”

Houston’s service was broadcast live on television via CNN as well as online. Celebrities who paid tribute to the late Soul Legend included Stevie Wonders, Alicia Keys and R Kelly, while Kevin Costner, who co-starred in Houston’s biggest film hit ‘The Bodyguard’, gave a 20 minute speech.


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    sad story!

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    sad story!

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    sad story!