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Mavado On Being Married: “A My Life, That’s My Personal Right”

Dancehall star Mavado is feeling the pressure from fans to confirm recent reports of him getting married.

Last month an anonymous source forwarded a copy of the deejay’s marriage certificate baring details of him of his spouse.

Urban Islandz sources inside the Gullyside camp neither confirmed nor denied the reports. “That is a personal matter for Vado to comment on so I can’t say anything about it, so in due time am sure you will hear from him,” the source said.

In a recent interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Mavado said it’s his life.

“My life a just my life yo understand, and that’s my personal right,” Mavado said in Jamaican patois. “Mi have mi lady weh mi love and check for, just like how mi have mi family them weh mi love and check for. Respect to the fans them and mi love all a unnu and unnu suppose to understand weh mi a deal and weh mi a come from.”

Do you think Mavado should fully address the issue for his fans?