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The Night Kanye West Almost Died, What Really Happen [Video]

Details about that infamous 2002 car accident that almost claimed one of rap music’s most prolific stars are finally coming out.

DJ Whoo Kid, who was with Kanye West before he got in the car that night, spoke about the incident that lead up to that horrific accident.

Details below:

“It was me, Beanie Siegel, Kanye and 3H. We were all in the studio and Luda was in town. He f—–g came to the studio and was like, ‘I gotta go to f—-n’ L.A.X. so I gotta do the verse [quickly].’ So, what happened was, Kanye saw Luda and he’s a fan. So, Kanye goes in the booth and he’s rapping.[…]Like, he was rapping for like an hour. Luda didn’t know Kanye that well at the time so Luda was like, ‘What the f*ck is going on? I came to do this song. Yo, Whoo Kid, I’m here to do your sh*t. I’m out of here.’ I got nervous because I really wanted to get this sh*t done. I was like, ‘What? You leaving?’ I ran in there like, ‘What you doing, [Kanye]? Get out there and play that beat, yo!’

So Kanye’s looking crazy, you know, trying to impress Luda, but it wasn’t that time. Luda wanted to come in, do that verse and get the f–k out. So, what made it worse is he went out there and played a beat but by the time he got out there, Luda picked a Red Spyda beat. So now I gotta tell Kanye ‘Your services are not needed.’”

“So, to smooth it out I told him, ‘You know what, I’m gonna film you — shooting you spittin’.’ That s–t was crazy. I don’t think I [liked his rhymes] at that time. I saw the little twinkle in his eye, like, he was happy because I was going to film him.”

On Kanye Leaving the Studio “Heated”
“I said, ‘Yo, let’s go outside and get a car scene.’ I’m trying to get him out of there ’cause Luda’s in there [mimics Luda rapping]. Luda’s mad ill. I didn’t want Kanye to see that he’s a little crazy over the other beat. So under the car light I film him and he’s still rapping and going in like, ‘Killin’…Louis Vuitton…Versace….’ I don’t know, it was long, but two of the f—–g free styles he did is records he got out now. The Thing that’ bugged out is I filmed him after it was over like, ‘All right my n—a I’ll talk to you later,’ so he’s in the car heated and just peels off. I’m like, ‘Whew,’ and I go back in the studio and we get a phone call and they call 3H, cause you know 3H and Kanye’s really close. 3H came up to me and said, ‘Yo, Kanye just flipped his car. He flipped his s–t and he’s in the hospital right now.’ Once he did that then his mixtape came out and he showed his face. I think that if I hadn’t really angered him, or…I don’t know if he was really angry or maybe he drove too fast…I don’t know but we did film [it]. We have it documented.”