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Baby Cham Talks Dancehall Comeback, “Wine” Single [Video]

Dancehall star Cham aka Baby Cham, recently sat down with Winford Williams on On Stage where he opens up about his major dancehall comeback, formula for success and the female voice in his latest hit single “Wine.”

On Where He Is Base

We still in Florida because that’s where the studio is, that’s where the family is, that’s where the producer is, so we still in Florida, but wi here always. On the creative side I think it helps me better. Because when am here I tend to want to go out every night. When am in Florida am more focus and spend most of my time in the studio.

On The Success Of Ghetto Story

“Ghetto Story” did what it did. “Ghetto Story was one of the biggest dancehall songs of 2006-2007 on the international scene. It sold over 900K copies. And after Ghetto Story came This Is Why Am Hot which did over 4.5 million.

On Where He Is At In His Career

Am right here with Team Cham, you see the T-Shirt, Team Cham. The music is what we do, the music is what we live, the music is what we breath. So even if you don’t hear me for a year or two years, when you hear me you never yet can say it no sound right.

On The Female Vocalist In The Single Wine

Everyone wants to know who is that female singing Wine and her name is O, not Ohh, but just O. Let me give you the story, because it have a storyline. Me and Dave Kelly in the studio and Cashflow Neil send is the beat, so we in the studio as how we normally go about it just brainstorming. We came up with this crazy hook, crazy verses, but we needed a female to sing the hook, but we in Miami so we don’t really have female artistes around us. So I turn to my wife and said can you just sing the hook for me please, although none of us ever heard her sing. She came in the studio, went around the boot and the first “wine up mi body” Dave stop the tape and said where that came from. People calling Madhouse and label calling asking who this new female artiste is. Her real name is Ophilia Beckett.

Peep footage from the interview below.