Prodigal Son Criticised For “Love Me Like This” [Audio]

Popular Gospel artiste Prodigal Son is at the receiving end of harsh crticism for his latest single “Love Me Like This.”

The dancehall arena has embraced the song with numerous airplay on radio and dancehall session. However, the gospel arena not so much. One religious radio station is already debating whether or not to play the song.

“Yu alone cudda love mi like this yu alone cudda mek mi feel suh right. Yu alone cudda touch mi like that, feels like paradise. Mi memba di day wi met dat mi naah figet, remember the first touch, remember how mi sweat aaahh (seductive gasp) remember the rain a fall from mi eyes remember how it wet,” Prodigal Son sings over a slow beat.

While many fans bashed the gospel deejay for the song, some of his loyal supporters jump to his defense. These are some of the response posted online.

“Really nice song in the dancehall. I’m a sinner and when I listen, it don’t point me to Jesus, just to go lock down wid a chick. If u talking about Jesus then say it loud and clear for people to understand, think that’s what it mean to make ur light shine bright and not hide? it,” one fan said on Youtube.

“The theme of gospel music is praise, worship or give? thanks to God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit. This sound like a F**K song. Prodigal compromise long time!,” another fan said.

“unnuh mind just currupt.. listen to the song CAREULLY and you will realize that him a talk bout the love of GOD…and obviously his intentions of getting the message across is? working,” one fan defend the gospel deejay.

Listen to the song below and post your feedback.