Cali P Arrest Caused Him To Miss Plug N Play

Reggae singer Cali P left fans at the recently held Plug N Play disappointed after an unfortunate arrest.

The singer was booked to perform at the event held at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel, but he never made it to the venue.

According to reports, the singer was arrested and slapped with two charges of possession of ganja and possession of stolen property.

In a press release sent to the media, the incident was caused by “a misunderstanding set it motion by a series of unfortunate events.”

According to Cali, one week ago he purchased the phone from someone not knowing that it had been stolen. A friend of the female who owned the phone found Cali P on the night of the event, and explained the situation to him. Cali P says arrangements were made to deal with the issue. However, the police had already been contacted and when they arrived, they searched Cali P and found a small quantity of ganja and that led to his subsequent arrest on the two charges.

Cali P has since apologised to his fans who turn up at the event to see him.