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Did Chris Brown Knocked Out Drake Over Rihanna? [Audio]

Almost three years after the well publicised split between Rihanna and Chris Brown, the saga is still being played out before the public eyes.

During an interview with Tim Westwood earlier week, New York DJ Whoo Kid revealed that Breezy knocked out Drake after finding out he was still ‘fooling around’ with Rihanna.

Whoo Kid, who praises Drake music, said that the incident was covered up by all parties.

“He [Drake] has at least eight songs on the radio that’s killing it,” the DJ said. “Not to mention features and his on singles. And him and Rihanna are supposedly fooling around. I think he got elbowed too by Chris Brown, but that never came out.”

When asked where Drizzy took the blow, Whoo Kid said, “In the chin, like the corner left part. Man down, simple as that!”

Earlier this year, Rihanna admitted that she and Drake had a fling last year that never got far. The two were spotted out on dates in Montreal during Rihanna’s LOUD tour stop in Canada.

Last month Drake told MTV News that his “Whats My Name” collaborator broke his heart, during their brief encounter, admitting he “thought there was more” to their relationship than she did.

Listen audio clip below.