Fat Joe Can’t Resist J. Lo Ass-et Any Longer

Rapper Fat Joe says he couldn’t hold out any longer.

The Terror Squad leader admits to finally taking a glimpse at J. Lo’s backside after years of resistance.

“Honestly, I’ve never looked at J.Lo’s a**,” said Joey Crack, who will release his mixtape The Darkside, Vol. 2 on Halloween. “Never. It would be disrespectful for her to look at me like a brother figure and then when she turns around, I’m staring at her a**. But the other night, I’m watching the performance and she’s wearing some beige sh*t and I couldn’t avoid it. It was right there. [Laughs] So I finally seen it. I told her about it too and was like, ‘Yo, listen, that beige suit? I’ve always been the brother, but your a** was there, like…’ She started laughing.”