Jennifer Lopez Addresses Crying On Stage, “it was kind of like walking down memory lane”

Jennifer Lopez has stepped forward to addressed last weekends incident where she ran off stage in floods of tears after she performed songs that made her think about her past relationships.

The singer included a segment of her show in which she recruited dancers to recreate her different looks throughout the times when she dated Ben Affleck, P. Diddy, Chris Judd and even latest husband Marc Anthony with whom she is now separated from.

“After I sang the song, I was standing there and I realised that I did bare a little bit of my thoughts in the song,” she told Access Hollywood in regards to hit single ‘If You Had My Love.’

“I think that they felt what I felt, which is that I’m just a girl like everybody else trying to find my way. I felt like they got that and I understood it. We were all like one at that moment. I felt like where I am in my life right now – it was kind of like walking down memory lane… There are still questions and this is just a journey and it’s all okay. It was a nice thing to say.”