Tribute Concert Plans For Bob Andy October 28

Keith Anderson, better known to the reggae community as the legendary Bob Andy, will see many of his close friends performing in his honor at a tribute concert.

Andy, who was hospitalized earlier this year briefly, earned another unique distinction when a foundation celebrating his songwriting ability was recently set up for the preservation of his musical legacy, as well as to provide for his medical welfare.

Last week Thursday, friends of Bob Andy, gathered at the Red Bones Blues Café in New Kingston to officially launch Bob Andy Unplugged — a tribute concert to the songwriter set for Friday, October 28, at the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium, Jamaica College.

“This will be the music industry on show, Bob Andy’s songs more than (maybe) any other Jamaican writer or composers, lend themselves to this sort of concert,” Junior Lincoln said of the event that will be under the musical direction of stalwarts Dean Fraser, Ibo Cooper, Desi Jones, and Jon Williams.

“We are not just going to be seeing our legendary artistes performing, but our young, our new and up-and-coming entertainers who are going to show us their versatility as they put a different spin on Mr Andy’s music. Here to let us know that he is ready for this opportunity ladies and gentlemen, is upcoming star Protoje,” said Elaine Wint.

Bob Andy was one of the founding members of The Paragons, along with Tyrone Evans and Howard Barrett. His first solo hit record in 1966, “I’ve Got to Go Back Home,” was followed by “Desperate Lover,” “Feeling Soul”, “Unchained,” and “Too Experienced”, amongst others. He also composed songs for other reggae artists, including “I Don’t Want to See You Cry” for Ken Boothe, and “Feel Like Jumping,” “Truly,” and “Melody Life” for Marcia Griffiths.

See Bob Andy performed You Don’t Know live below.