MOG Launches Free On-Demand Music Listening Service

MOG recently launched its free ad-supported version of its award-winning on-demand music service, which went live on on Thursday, September 15.

In a press release from MOG, the service will make available over 11 million songs, nearly everything you’d find in popular music download stores, for free, making it the easiest way to enjoy instant access to music with no installable client application and no credit card needed.

The free version will be ad-free for the first 60 days so fans can get a taste of the service without any distractions.

Free listeners on MOG receive a virtual “gas tank” full of music visibly integrated into the service. The refillable tank, called FreePlay, is built upon sophisticated game mechanics that enable users to earn free music in perpetuity, simply by listening, sharing with friends and exploring MOG. The FreePlaytank showcases how much free music a user has along with “earn music” and “upgrade” links that provide listeners the opportunity to earn more music, or upgrade to MOG Primo, a subscription plan that includes unlimited, ad-free music, and access to MOG via mobile devices, consumer electronic and streaming entertainment devices, and soon, the car.

“Our obsessed subscribers, and reviewers alike, tell us we’ve built the best way to listen to and discover music, and we’re so excited that we can now provide people with free access,” said David Hyman, CEO and Founder of MOG.

MOG brings a unique advantage to the ad supported music market. The company is also the provider of the MOG Music Network (MMN), the largest music focused advertising network online consisting of over 1500 music sites including, reaching over 59 million people each month, according to ComScore. MMN operates ad sales offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Detroit, developing integrated, multi-platform marketing programs for more than 100 leading consumer brands in the U.S. The MMN ad sales team will expand these programs to include sponsorship opportunities within MOG’s new free music service.

MOG Inc., headquartered in Berkeley, California, is a next-generation music media company founded in June 2005 by David Hyman, former CEO for Gracenote. MOG’s all-you-can-eat, on-demand listening service provides access to a vast library of over 11 million songs and over one million albums through its mobile apps on iPhone and Android phones, online, and on streaming entertainment and consumer electronic devices. MOG Inc. is also the provider of The MOG Music Network (MMN), the premier destination for music content online and largest music focused advertising network consisting of over 1500 music sites, reaching over 59 million people each month.

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