Bridez And Stacious Denies Catfight

Alliance female deejays Bridgez and Stacious has denied recent rumors of a cat fight between them.

Earlier this week rumors surfaced online that they two had a heated argument that turn physical at a recent video shoot. According to reports, Bridgez received several scratches as a result of the altercation. Other artists on location reportedly quashed the fight.

“We are a part of a family and people will have disagreements, I’ve known Stacious for years before music, but once 10 women inna one house yu ago have disagreements,” Bridgez said in an interview. “Right now everything good, even the Gully and Alliance conflict resolved, suh people fi ‘llow wi. I don’t follow up negativity and what Stacious and I had not even lasted five minutes. People can look at my recent pics, I don’t even have a scratch on me.”

Stacious also downplay the allegations.

“There is no beef between us, we just had an argument and back to the regular, we are good,” she said.