Trey Songz “Chapter 5” To Showcase Rapping, Storytelling

R&B crooner Trey Songz have fans on high alert for his upcoming album Chapter 5.

Songz producer Troy Taylor recently discussed with Rap Up the material the album will showcase

“I think Trey is coming into his own now,” he said. “He was always taught to know what he wants and he was always taught to know how he wants to sound, and I think Chapter 5 represents the storytelling of how he feels and his emotions and just everyday life that people go through.”

Taylor said fans can expect to see continuations of storylines from previous albums.

“What we’re gonna do is elaborate on other songs. ‘Can’t Be Friends’ was a huge smash, but on Chapter 5 we’re gonna maybe go into a little bit more of the girl he was talking about. We once had a song called ‘Black Roses’ on Ready; we’re gonna tap on it to tell you a little bit more of the story. So Chapter 5 represents elaborating.”

Songz will also showcase his rhyming skills on the LP.

“I took a poll on Twitter to see if people wanted to hear more of Trey rapping and they said it was cool,” shared Taylor. “He was a rapper first when he was 15. When he came to me the whole question was do you think I can be a singer, and when I heard him it was definitely.”

Chapter 5, the follow-up to last album Passion, Pain & Pleasure, is due early 2012.