Video: Rihanna Taking Out Alien On Set Battleship

Rihanna stars as Raikes, the fearless navy character in the upcoming science fiction film Battleship.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with the Bajan pop beauty on set where she discussed her character and her training. Rihanna was on board the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor last year, where she was shooting the $200 million movie.

RiRi said her character Raikes is a killing machine.

“She’s a fighter, she’s a killer,” explains RiRi. “I’m one of the boys. We do everything together. We go on all our missions together.”

Her role involves her hunting alien at sea, “these aliens are thugs,” says the 23-year-old, who suffered bruises, scrapes, and sore muscles while being trained by real military officers.

Rihanna said her character is not interested in romance.

“Not at all. Raikes could care less about boys,” RiRi said. “I’m one of the boys and we do everything together. We go on all of our missions together.”

Watch video below.


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