Spice Preps “Hot Patty Wine” Video

Dancehall diva Spice is prepping fans for the release of her new video for a single called “Hot Patty Wine.”

Dexter Pottinger-directed video will be officially released next week.

Spice said the African-inspired rhythm and video were done in an effort to “do something outside the box.”

“First of all, it’s a dancing track for the ladies. It’s something they can face off to in the dances and secondly, it has a great African beat to it. Lots of drums and that sort of thing. I really wanted to try something different this time around – that’s my personality. I like to do some ‘spicy’ and unexpected things because fans love concepts that are different, yet fun. Also, this track is one that can appeal to different markets, including the expansive African market which loves dancehall and reggae music so much.”


“There is a Hot Patty Wine dance to go with the track, but I will be looking for the best female fans who can execute it and give it their own spin, and trust me, the prizes will be worth it. There will be a lot more info coming up about the competition and other fun activities regarding the track as of next week. So look out,” says Spice.