Exclusive: Khago Inked Management Deal With Corey Todd

This is not just rumors it is a done deal, Corey Todd is Khago’s new manager.

Breakthrough reggae/dancehall sensation Khago, has inked a new management deal with businessman Corey Todd, just days after firing his former manager Paul ‘Bankey’ Giscombe.

A source close to Todd, exclusively told Urban Islandz that the two had a close door meeting late last week and Khago walked out signing on Todd as his new manager.

“Khago is a talented youth and Corey Todd looking for talented artist so there shouldn’t be no surprise about Khago’s signing with Todd,” the source said.

The source also told Urban Islandz that Khago will be one of the face to promoter the new Yaad Stout product hitting the market this week.

“I don’t know the full detail of the deal, but you should see Khago face on some of the Yaad Stout liquor, because Todd know that Khago is one of the biggest acts this year and have huge marketing potential.”


“Khago have some new NotNice produce singles coming out, so look out for them.”

Khago fired his former manager, Bankey, a week ago, citing mismanagement of his career and taking sides with I-Octane in a feud among his reasons.

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