Game Defends ‘”Uncle Otis” Diss, Says Throne Is Up For Grab

West Coast rapper Game has stepped forward to clarify his new “Uncle Otis” Jay-Z diss track.

According to the “Red Nation” rapper, the track is more playful than serious, but says him taking shots at rap newcomer Kreayshawn for using the derogatory term “n*gga” are authentic.

Despite not uttering it conversation and later explaining that she doesn’t say the word herself, Game said her use was flagrant enough for him. “You can’t be playing with that word, some people will take it serious,” he explained. “Especially coming from someone that’s [not black]. There’s a lot of tragic history behind it.”

Listen To Game “Uncle Otis” Diss Track Here

Game hinted on the weekend that he is out to take the top spot in rap and said his Watch the Throne reference on “Uncle Otis” is literal.

“I feel like they saying ‘Watch The Throne’– I’m watching. Let’s go! I’m not impressed with nothing right now. The Throne is for the taking, anybody can get it right now. I’m take my shot on August 23rd.”

On the rapper’s “Uncle Otis” track Game raps

“Who run the world?/Jason./Will Kelly Rowland come and be my “Motivation”?/if you invented Swag then I invented gangsta/ got one in the chamber/the throne is now in danger…”