Laden And Stunt Squad Beefing

Big Ship’s Laden and his group Stunt Squad are reportedly beefing resulting in a split.

According to the deejay, members of his Stunt Squad unit have switched sides and now aligned themselves with his enemies.

“I was the leader of Stunt Squad but the followers start follow some other people wey mi nuh mesh wid and dem a style mi and a call up mi name,” he said.

Laden laments that his former second in command Snypa King started hurling insults his way.

“Snypa King a walk a tell people sey Laden nuh duh nuttin fi him an a chat mi wid mi enemy. From mi buss mi sey Stunt Squad, a me mek people know dem, even in Time to Shine a me sey Snypa King, mek people know him name.”

However, Snypa King says not so, “Laden a try boss up di ting, like mi a nuh big man, mi and people nuh have no problem suh why mi ago malice people because Laden and dem nuh deal. Stunt Squad did not have a leader, it was a unit for musical progress and Laden took it upon himself to claim leadership.”

Earlier this week Cragy T of veteran dancehall group T.O.K. issued a statement saying he has departed the group over differences.

Is this a trend in dancehall?