Rick Ross’ Twitter Hacked By 50 Cent

A 50 Cent imposter hacked into Rick Ross’ Twitter last weekend sending off a whirlwind of tweets.

The hacker took control of Ricky Rozay’s account and changed the account name and background to that of 50 Cent before sending off a tweet.

“I want to impact peoples lives more. I created a new goal for my self, I want to feed a billion people in Africa over the next 5 years.”

Then later added,

“This has been an entertaining social experiment. You all took the bait, got riled up and for what? To retweet and get up in arms…about two rap heavyweights in their won right that don’t give a F**K about none of y’all.”

The hacker then posted one last tweet before Rozay regain control of his account,

“And if you think 50 Cent really has the mental capacity and/or time to hack a Twitter account, you’re even more gullible. Good night robots.”

50 Cent had no comment about the incident.