Beef In T.O.K. Camp, Craigy T Quit The Group, “A lot of feelings are in the air”

One of dancehall’s longest serving groups T.O.K. might not be around for much longer if they don’t mend their differences.

According to reports, there is a feud brewing within the group that resulted in one member, Craigy T, leaving the camp.

On Monday Craigy T blast off a Blackberry messenger confirming initial rumors that there are problems in the camp.

“After careful consideration I have decided to stop recording in studio with T.O.K. You may still hear songs with the four vocals in the future but studio and public appearances are becoming increasingly difficult for the four of us to be present. I do not expect everyone to understand.” (Craigy T BBM)

In an interview with the Stat, T said he is not sure what will happen going forward, but he in fact stopped recording with the group, “it’s not a situation where I’m sure as yet, I dunno what will happen.”


“I don’t really want to say much right now, a lot of feelings are in the air … There is a lot of change you might hear tracks without me and tracks by myself. Your working and feeling like the team you are doing work for is fighting against you than fighting with you … I like to stand out, I don’t like fitting in, I always like to be different and this is just a long time in the making.”

T.O.K has been widely regarded as dancehall’s most successful group since the early 1990s. Its members include Alistaire ‘Alex’ McCalla, Roshaun ‘Bay-C’ Clarke, Craig ‘Craigy T’ Thompson, and Xavier ‘Flexx’ Davidson.

Seeing them break up with undoubtedly left a void in dancehall.


  1. FlawlessAndFancy

    Super glad and relieved to see that the breakup didn’t happen! Went to a show they did in Dallas, TX in 2015 and it was epic!!! Love T.O.K. long time, and always will.

  2. its so sad bt glad your respect friendship nd value each ada still u remain tha best dancehall group of all time.

  3. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    TOK, yours wont be the first group where a lonestar rises. It happens in every group. Bob Marley, Lionel Ritchie, Beyonce..to name a few. I wait to see who among you that solo act is.