Who Owns The Name “3 Star”, Let The Battle Begin

U.S. base dancehall deejay 3 Star has called out Gullyside deejay 3 Star over what he says is unfair tactics and the bootleg of his name.

The U.S. base artist says he released his first song under the name 3 Star in 2005 and have legal documents to prove it.

“I have been using the name since 2005, and my first song, No Badman, was released under the name,” he said. “I am trying to be an example for the youths and he (the other 3 Star) is making gangster music which confuses the fans who think it’s me, it’s tarnishing my character.”

According to the artist, members of the Gullyside have been trying to prevent selectors from playing his music. “My publicist says that a DJ was playing my song and a group of men threatened him,” he said.

The Gullyside 3 Star says he has been using the name for over a decade but never get a chance to register it since his career only recently blossomed.

Who you think is the rightful owner of the name?