Fans And Celebs Weighs In On Buju Banton Sentencing

Scores of celebs and fans are weighing in on Buju Banton’s decade long stint behind bars. Close friends of Banton such as Wayne Wonder, Gramps Morgan and Stephen Marley are all sharing their feelings on the artist faith handed down on Thursday (June 23) by Federal Judge Jim Moody.

Reggae star Wayne Wonder, who introduce Buju Banton to the world in the early 1990s at a Sting show, says he don’t think he could have endure what the Grammy-winning artist have gone through.

“It is not good, but it could have been worse. Buju is a very strong person for all that he has gone through. I don’t think I could have endured it,” Wonder said.

Gramps Morgan has support Banton throughout his tribulations and was also thankful that Banton was not slapped with a longer sentence.

“I am still praying and I give thanks to the most high for the leniency of the judge for understanding, because the judge’s job is to follow the law and the law is mandatory 10, so he couldn’t do anything about that, but still he dropped the gun charge. So we give thanks that it’s not more. We are not looking at 15 or 20 years,” the Morgan Heritage singer said.

Stephen Marley, another close friend of Buju Banton said he is thankful it was not a bigger sentence but still lament on its severity.

“Am thankful it was reduce a bit but I still want to see him get back his freedom,” Marley said.

Fans of the reggae star also hit up Urban Islandz on Twitter and Facebook to share their feelings on the stiff sentencing.

“Rasta always warn bout Babylon and now I know what they were always talking about.” (Twitter)

“10 years is a little less than 15 years but still is too much for a man who get set up like that.” (Facebook)

“Dem need fi free up Buju because the world know that they set him up. dem sentence a innocent man. total wickedness.” (Facebook)

“Buju hold your head up brother, we know you innocent.” (Twitter)

Buju Banton was sentence to 10 years in a Federal prison after being convicted on drug and gun charges in February. He will begin serving his sentence in Miami next week.