Lisa Hyper Talks Reuniting With NotNice

Former Portmore members Lisa Hyper and NotNice are making music together again since they are both no longer under Vybz Kartel regime.

Hyper, who was the first to depart the Portmore Empire camp, was initially barred from recording with the former Gaza main producer. In an interview with radio station Irie FM, Hyper said she is delighted to reconnect with the producer.

“The connection mad man, because NotNice is a great producer and he have always been telling Lisa Hype that mi have good work ethics,” Hyper said in Jamaican Patois. “Am very grateful and ready fi work and am glad the high dem leave to fi be dem own man and make dem own money.”

Hyper departed the Portmore Empire camp in 2009 after an explicit photo of her and allegedly Vybz Kartel start circulating online. NotNice and singer Jah Vinci are the two most recent artists to leave the camp.