DMX Talks The Bible, New Album And Reality Show In Jail

Incarcerated rapper DMX hint at some big life changes in a new interview with from behind bars.

X, who is serving time in an Arizona prison pending his July 13 release, says he began reading the bible and channel his focus on more positive things.

“I realized that [change] is something that I want do this time. Like the last few times I couldn’t wait to get out and go have a drink,” he explained. “Like all my focus was on going to the club or things of that nature. Now, I’m in a frame of mind where I’m like ‘right into the studio and get my grind on.’”

DMX, who has been locked up over a dozen times over the last decade for a series of offenses, claims that recently he was a target of Arizona law enforcement.

“The sheriff–he openly spoke about how he wanted to make sure I stayed locked up,” he said. “If these things happened in New York, there’s no way I’d be in jail. Or any other state where the law is like, followed.”

DMX also revealed that he will shelve his intended gospel album for a new project, titled Redemption of the Beast. He says that 26 tracks for the album have already been recorded, with production from Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz and Grease, as well as features from Sean Kingston, The LOX and Tyrese.

“It’s funny how it came up. I was stuck between two titles. The first one was Redemption and the second title was Beast,” he elaborated. “And somebody hit me like, why don’t you make it Redemption of the Beast.”

The former Ruff Ryders rapper also says he is reviewing offers for a new reality TV show which would center around his 10 children.