Chris Brown And Rihanna Exposed On Twitter

Despite a recent uproar from fans of both sides, R&B singer Chris Brown and pop songstress Rihanna have been maintaining very close contact via the social media network Twitter.

Yesterday sharp-eyed fans happened to catch Breezy tweeting publicly to the Barbadian beauty, but quickly deleting the tweet after realizing it was public.

The tweet that was meant for Rihanna eyes only reads,

“@Rihanna you got that pic I sent you.” (Chris Brown Twitter)

The tweet sends off a world-wind online, both Rihanna and Chris Brown are yet to comment on the allegation.

In 2009, Chris Brown was charged with assault after an argument between the then-couple led to physical violence. Brown was slapped with a strict restraining order that was softened to a “level one order” just this past February which allowed some contact.